Model 2243A – Combined OTI-WTI scanner based on PT-100 sensor

This scheme is used to Indicate Oil & Winding Temperature of the oil – immersed transformers. Relays are provided for Alarm, Trip and Cooler functions and operate as per the set value. 4-20mA DC signal outputs are provided separately for OTI & WTI for Remote Indication or SCADA purpose. The System has the capability to store the maximum temperature attained.

RTD Scheme

The Scheme consists of one or more PT-100 Sensors, Current converter Units with built in power supply, optional remote indicator and optional selector switch. The scheme is designed to indicate the Top Oil Temperature / Winding Temperature of the oil-immersed transformers in the control room. With the availability of 4-20 mA DC signal output, the system can be used to integrate OTI and WTI readings to scada systems.