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The promoters of Precimeasure Controls Private Limited, having over 50 years’ experience in the transformer industry, started the company in the year 1984.

Precimeasure family with over 200 dedicated members caters to you from works at Bangalore and Chennai, South India and Vadodra, North India.

An independent R&D unit was set up in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu in the year 2006 and is recognized by the Government of India’s Department of Scientific and Industrial Research wing.

Our company is ISO 9001:2015 Certified for its Quality Management Systems. All our products are type tested for required parameters by accredited institutions in India.

We adhere to strict quality guidelines for all our incoming raw materials, in-process assemblies, and final finished goods. All our instruments are put through a series of rigorous tests at different stages of their production. Our customers are provided with Test Certificate detailing results of tests conducted for each instrument they have procured. We place highest importance to quality and after sales service and we assure prompt address to any customer query. All our products have a warranty of 1 year from the date of its commissioning.

We offer a complete range of products for the protection and monitoring of Power, Distribution and Dry type transformers. Our product line includes a range of OTIs and WTIs, Remote Indicators, Bi-metallic thermometers, Electronic WTI and controllers, Tap position indicators, Magnetic Oil level gauges, Pressure relief valves, Pressure gauges, Bearing Temperature indicators, Marshalling Boxes, RTCC Panels etc.

Our Total Monitoring System for power transformers which measures and indicates parameters like oil & winding temperatures, oil levels, pressure in valves, status of the various relays, tap positions etc with inbuilt annunciation at remote unit, transformer health monitoring capability and Smart Regenerative Breathers that breathe and self-regenerate based on the humidity levels provide ease of maintenance and extend the life of assets.

Over 36 years of being in the field, with the help of our esteemed customers, we have captured significant share in the Global Market.

With the hope of serving your business, we present to you our products………..

Research and Development at Precimeasure

Our R&D centre, strong with 15 engineers, is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Precimeasure has always been keen on new product development to help improve the efficiency of power assets. Our engineering team have developed instruments ranging from Transducers to Composite monitoring Systems and Online smart Breathers.

The entire product range that we showcase is completely developed in house by us. In as early as late 1990’s, we realised the difficulty at site where the installation of conventional OTI/ WTI and its RTD system for remote indication and Scada was done with many erroneous connections. To resolve this issue, we developed a hybrid instrument which contains both the conventional and resistive sensor as input to detect the temperature.

In 2004 we developed a temperature scanner for dry type transformer, specifically designed for the use in North American markets. This product was CSA approved to cater the North American industry. This same product is now under re-engineering to increase its functionality and is also being prepped for CE and UL markings.

On customer requests we have also developed a Tap Position Transmitter for OLTC Tap Position Indicator with a BCD output. While most TPT’s are with Resistance/ current output, this product was developed by us for a German company.

In a specific instance, a utility in South India had requested an instrument to monitor Oil and winding temperature and simultaneously acquire the data, log and process the same into analysable information. All this was required to be done online and on a continuous basis. This requirement was posted by the utility to analyse the transformer’s loading pattern and residual life expectancy of the asset. This has been successfully developed, installed and we have received the operational report as well.

Our interest as stated above is to improve the quality of power assets. In this line, we have developed a Composite Monitoring System with hot standby mode processor, IO units for data acquisition from all the accessories, redundant communication paths etc.

We have also opened a separate unit to cater to develop control panels for the substation automation. Our fabrication facility is equipped with CNC punching, bending machines imported from Germany, in house 7 tank process, powder coating and painting booths. We have a dedicated set of 10 engineers for the designing of the panels to the customer requirement.

Products like online, maintenance free Silica Gel Breather; Bucholz Relay etc. are all under development.