1006DH Series

Robust and reliable analog Winding temperatures Indicator & Controller for Dry Type Transformers / Cast-Resin Transformers with built-in RTD scheme for Independent Remote indication and 4-20mA DC output for SCADA connection. Instruments have up to maximum of 2 contacts and with a full 270° scale with 2-degree graduations.

General Features:

  • Fully sealed liquid expansion system provides self-powered indication and operation and does not require any trimming or other periodic adjustments.
  • Instruments are fully compensated for ambient temperature.
  • WTIs have a built in Thermal imaging system to simulate transformer’s hot spot indication.
  • WTIs are provided with gradient adjustment through a shunt for CT secondary input current.
  • Embedded PT-100 sensor in the sensing bulb of the local OTI / WTI provides for a master indication at control room and Scada compatibility
  • Current converter unit is fixed inside the local instrument and CCU output is connected to and external PSU or Remote indicator unit.
  • Instrument cases are aluminum die casted and polyester powder coated with standard ingress protection of IP55 and Corrosion protection up to 500 Hours of neutral salt spray
  • Maximum pointer facility is provided and can be reset from outside.
  • All switch contacts are potential free micro switches.