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PRECIMEASURE has set up its works in 5 locations across India. These facilities have been built with the latest technologies of automation and processes.

Dobaspet, Bangalore – From this location we manufacture Temperature controllers, Fibre optic Temperature Monitoring Systems, Marshalling Boxes and Control Panels among other items.

The Panel building operations are done using infrastructure imported from German - CNC punching and bending machines capable of operation on MS and SS sheets up to a thickness of 6.4mm with 15 punching and bending tools available. With this machine we can manufacture a multitude of panels with cut outs of almost any dimension.

The facility includes a 7 tank Pre treatment process for MS and Aluminium. The tanks are with a maximum capacity of 8ft X 4ft X 4ft. Powder Coating Plant with a cyclone recovery system complete with diesel powered ovens.

Peenya, Bangalore – Here we manufacture Gauges, RTD Sensors and Bi-metal temperature sensors and controllers.

Guindy Unit 1, Chennai – Facilities to manufacture Temperature controllers up to a certain capacity.

Guindy Unit 2, Chennai – Pressure Relief Device and Pressure Relief Valves are manufactured here and facilities for various mechanical development activities have been set up.

Vadodara, Gujarat – A supplementary facility for panel building is set up here with a duplicate of the infrastructure set up at our Dobaspet works.

With these facilities we intend to cater to the complete needs of the Transformer industry and the Process control industry.